Friday, August 14, 2009

Timmmmeee - It's On My Mind - Yesss It Is...

Does anyone have the time....but I ask - is it the right time for me....when we sit and type our entries into our could be 8:00 pm est...but when YOU out there in blOZ land enter into my small part of this land - it could be 6:00 am what time is the right time? I ask...
I think that any time we have the moment to tell someone that we love them is the right time....or when we see a star twinkle in the night & we make a wish that to can be the right time...or when we savor that favorite flavor of ice cream on a hot summer's day that to can be the right time for doesn't always matter whether the little or big hands are on one of the 12 numbers on the face of a clock - its matters how we feel when the time is don't sit on the side & let time go by....take those right times & store them in the hour glass of life & remember like the light of day we too take time for granted.....don't let it slip away....make each day be filled with many moments of the right time...
Have a honey of a night - sweet dreams!
Grace Peace & Joy 2 "U"
P.S. - It's the 8th entry - 4 more to go......tomorrow brings many happy times for me, I get to go to PARCEL to collect some goodies for the give away and for ME....


  1. what a sweet pic :) do you have a story that goes with that pic?


  2. Wish I could skip to Parcel with want to hit that shop someday. Have a honey of a night dear!

  3. So true, time is slipping away and now that Gabby is headed off to BU I wish it would just stay still for a little while. :o( Have a bee~utiful day at Parcel. Hugz, Z