Sunday, August 16, 2009

It's Been a Bizzy Weekend....

Hello all....thanks for buzzing by...time does fly by when your having fun....I've been to many places since my last post...I've been bizzy getting things together for the BeeDay....oh what fun was to be had by ME aka Mizz HoneyBee alias QBeeC aka MizzBee...
After doing a couple of errands & this & thats yesterday....I went buzzing on to a town called Montclair - which by the way has my one of my FAVORITE stores and I was able to stop my another favorite of mine too...their names are PARCEL and Lil' Cricket...they have sooo much eye candy to explore....

Then today I was treated by a good friend Bonnie to a delicious breakfast for my BeeDay tomorrow (I had the Bananas Nut Foster Waffles w/rum sauce) at a cafe called the "Turning Point" in Little Silver - thanks Bonnie!...than we venture to a town called Red Bank for some Farmer's Market shopping FRESH veggies, homemade goodies, recycle made items, & cupcake - yummie ....(I'm going to have this as my b-day cake)and I treated myself to a BEEautiful Frame Picture from Megan & Mike of "Frame to Please" that's them in the above I'm relaxing & getting some ZZZZ's before I have to work p/t in "Anthropologie" ....

I will be showing the goodies tonight for the give away sooo be on the look out...see ya later - alligator!

Have a honey of a day!
Grace & Peace 2 "U"


  1. Sounds like my kind of day....and the pictures from those shops are amazing...totally my kind of eye candy!!!!

  2. It was fun catching up on all of your adventures. Zandra and I are off to do some shopping today....can't decide Pt. Pleasant or Red Bank....I have to check if they are open on Mondays. I wish there was a good flea market today.