Monday, August 17, 2009

Its My 49th Post, & the Beeginning Of My 49th Year

Drum roll I mention before - I would me announcing the winner of my Bee Give Away on my 49th post on my birthday.....well the WINNER is Mrs. Stephanie Oyler come on have just won the give away goodies - (candies, glitter, cards, stickers, charms, birthday candle holders & much much more)....I will reach out to you through e-mail to get your addy info....Congratulations!
I'm signing off now...its has been a wonderful day for me - full of many surprises and treats and give aways - actually I won a give away today from Heather of Speckled Egg, she has the neatest things to create with Yippee Yahoo for me I can't wait to spend my gift certificate - it was a great all of you out there in blOZ Land - thank you for leaving me comments on my blOZ and in my e-mail and on my facebook....I added everyone in that left me a comment on any of these places...I am soooo glad to get to chat with you all and I hope that you do stop by again...tomorrow I will be announcing a something new & exciting....and my next give away will be on my 99th post...I know I know why the 99th - some of you are saying the heck, but I guess you can say I have a thing for nines 2009, 49, 99, its a good thing...

Good Night All - please do stop by any time...I promise to always leave a light on...

Have a honey of a night - sweet dreams!
Grace, Peace, Joy & Love 2 "U" all...


  1. happy birthday! i love the picture :)

  2. Is that you in the picture Marlene? If it is.. what a doll you are!
    happy birthday!!

  3. Happy Birthday to quite the Bee!

  4. I am just thrilled to have won such fun surprises!!! Thank you so much...And, happy birthday, Marlene!! Have a great day...

  5. Happy Birthday dahling! All the best to you always. Love the picture!

  6. Hello Marlene!! I am so sorry to have fallen off the blog world wagon, but I am glad to be back in time to wish you a HAAAAPPPYY BIRTHDAY! You are fabulous!

  7. Happy Birthday...fabulous photo!!!

  8. Happy Birthday!!!! Love the picture.. How fun to have won something.. I love giveaways!
    Again, I love, love my gifts.. Just beautiful!
    Love all your posts.. Take care Friend,
    Have a great week!!

  9. HAPPY BIRTHDAY to YOU! Okay Marlene, you are adorable! I love this picture of you!!! I LOVE your smile dear! I hope you have this framed and in a special place in your home! You are the Queen Bee! Girl, we could have some fun times together! Wish we lived closer to each other. We mirror so much of the same things! I love your craft room! I had to laugh because I wanted hubby to build me a cute shed in the back yard for my craft room! So for now, I have moved into the biggest bedroom/office in our home! I love your shed and can see you out there crafting away! LOL! It it a pleasure to met you! Thanks for your tag order! I just mailed them off at noon so you will have them very soon! Have a wonderful day!!!!


  10. Your give away goodies are sweet!!! Congrats to Stephanie on winning. Have a great weekend.

  11. Hi Marlene,

    I wanted to thank you for leaving a post on my little Brambleberry Gardens blog. I don't advertise that it's there so I'm always surprised when someone leaves a comment. And of course you are free to drop in any time ;-).
    I hope you have a lovely evening!

    xoxo Cori

  12. OH dear, I so wanted to wish you Happy Birthday on your special day!!!!!! Happy BD a little late sweetie!!!!!!! I'm still older, hehe!!!!
    Margaret B