Thursday, August 13, 2009

The days begin to shorten while the nights arrival a little earlier, and things begin to show their shadows as the sun goes I sit here by my computer & type this entry - I look outside to complete and total darkness - not one flicker of light, just me and my computer's glow...could there be some one out there looking at me....what do they they wonder what I may be doing sitting at my make shift desk or are they wondering if I can see them....

As I sit & ponder & type away at my old Dell...I realize how precious our time is on this it could be here one moment and gone in a flash...just like the light of the day - that I take for granted....sometimes I forget with that light comes darkness...but I have FAITH that tomorrow brings more light to my life - & so I should treat this blessing like a precious stone & remember that its worth all its weight in gold &'s to all the sunrises & sunsets that bring a golden glow to your day, & all the seconds, minutes & moments in between them...may you not waste one ounce of gold that is given to you...treasure them & lock them away in our memories for when time becomes dark...

Have a honey of a night - sweet dreams!
Grace Peace & Joy 2 "U" my friend,

P.S. #7 post - 5 more to go...


  1. Wow Marlene, beautiful post! And soooo true!

  2. Marlene,
    Wonderful post...words to live by. I hope you've enjoyed your summer. I myself am looking forward to Autumn with open arms. Have a beautiful day!