Friday, August 7, 2009

Maine...the way Life should bee for me

Hello all...I'm not sure if anyone is out there in blOZ land ...but if you are here are some of my pictures that I took while I was away in Maine in July...a state of mind that I would like to always bee day I hope to live sweet it would bee...I feel like tapping the computer glass and saying " there any one out there?".... if you are thanks for stopping by....

I can't believe that two weeks have gone by - since I've been on holiday in Maine...I've been going for eleven years now, and I always enjoy my stays - whether if the weather is good or I'm blessed to enjoy it with my Aunt Min & Cuz' Bridget...we get together but once a year and this is were we go to enjoy each other's take your time while you stop by my "land of blOZ" and take in - just a little of the portion of sites, I get to see while I'm there...

Please take a holiday some time soon to the Vacation Land of Maine and tell them I sent you...while you're there, have a lobstah or two....
Have a honey of a night - sweet dreams!
Grace Peace & Joy 2 "U"
Marlene aka QBeeC

P.S. - If you're keeping count this is post #5....


  1. Love seeing your photos of your vacation in Maine. That is somewhere I have never been, but hope to one day!

  2. Maine looks beautiful. Wish I could go there. Maybe someday. Love your Mermaid.. So cute.. Hope you are doing well. Take care. Have a great weekend.

  3. I'm glad you enjoyed your stay in Maine.
    I live here in the midcoast area and enjoy it
    very much, Ayah! Lots of arts, outdoor activities,nautural beauty and historical significance. Oh yeah, and High taxes!
    It is the largest state in New England with approx. 1.2 million people populating the entire state. Come for a visit anytime!

  4. Hey, I'm tapping back! It does seem at times there is no on out there! lol Love, love, love seeing the pictures! I've been there several times. Reminds me a lot of Halifax, Nova Scotia. Very pretty. Hugz, Z

  5. Oh my your photos are lovely. Can't quite get to Maine for a while but am looking forward to going to France tomorrow!!! Nice to have found you, glad you tapped on the screen. xx

  6. What a glorious place! I've never been there but would love to visit. The lobster looks divine. Here in Louisiana we have crawfish which we adoringly refer to as "mudbugs". Now what's not to love there tee hee. Great blog. Peace, Mollye

  7. Love your post on Maine! It's been a dream of mine to go there someday, but I've never been east of the Misssissippi. I came to your blog by way of Desert Cottage for the Where Woman Create post. I just couldn't sail by without commenting on your vacation pics.