Monday, August 3, 2009

Extra - Extra! Read All About It...

I would like to visit just for a little while - to tell you about two events that are going to happen (if you are keeping count this is my #2 entry) my last post I talk about friends that I've met in "blOZ Land".....well I've met many crafty women and one of them is Kari from ArtsyMama..Kari will be hosting a party tomorrow a"Blog Party" that is, so please stop by her blog to see what all the excitement is's going to be a blast - there are a lot of bloggers on the roll list that will be attending, so please spot on by...and enjoy the party...

Okay so I wanted to tell you some more good news of an event that will be happening here in Red Bank, New Jersey - one town down from me way toooo cool...the event that I am speaking about is hosted by no other than Lisa Kettell herself, drum roll is the "Art Opera 2010" it going to be a splash...I can't wait its everything and please go visit Lisa blog to find out more...and two of the many teachers are two more Jersey gals Kecia of Lemoncholoy's and Jenny of "Everyday is a Holiday"...this event will totally rock...I've had the pleasure of meeting Kecia and Lisa...but still haven't yet to meet Jenny but I know I will and I can't wait....see what blogging is all about its about the special people that you meet through just turning on your computer and taking in sooo much more - its Electrifying!

There is a ocean of things that you can follow in the "Land of blOZ" you just have to jump in and get yourself wet with the endless places you can go to by just hitting enter...

Have a honey of a night - may sweet things come your way!
Grace Peace & Joy 2 "U"

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  1. Would love to meet those gals....sounds like a great event!