Tuesday, August 2, 2011

Princess Pinky of the Royal Sea bEes

Princess Pinky
of the Royal Sea bEes..

Princess Pinky came to realize
that being a Royal Sea bEe
had it's ocean filled of luxuries ~
but it could be a handful too...

A tiny little bitty story by ME

A world of endless
for one's

Have a honey of a night ~
sweet dREaMs!

Monday, August 1, 2011

Hello... Let Me Reintroduce Myself... Join Me On My "365 Days of Creativity Journal/Journey"

For those of you who don't remember me ...my name is Marlene aka Aunty M, mIzZ hONeY bEe, marloonie & many more aliases...  but I would like to bee better known as ME... The artist, the painter, the maker of rOBoTs n' dOlLs, the collage designer, the mixed media maniac, the dREaMer and the bEeLIeVeR...  but most of all a gal who loves to create...

Today officially starts my FIRST day of my journey... I "Welcome" you to come along and enJOY the views of all that I will be creating.... a good friend of mine said to me ~ you might not enjoy what you do from 7 till 3 Monday through Friday, its the things you do after the work day is over is where the JOY comes in...  I feel that this is going to bee a very JOYful trip...

So stop on by and come along for the ride as I "cREaTe" for 365 days till next August 1st.. to boot I will bee adding a "BEE" to everything I make ~ whether it bee the main item of the piece of art or just a teenie tiny little one on it.... its a signature of mine, bEes... I plan on completing this trip and I beelieve that this trip will make me see clearer all of my dREaMs and bee closer to seeing them come true ~ don't ask me why I, I just feel it in my guts n' bones...I know I'll be very hAPpY on what I see along the way on this trip... there will be some great memories of the creating progress along the way too... there might be some walls that might have to come down so that I can create the things I see in my mind, but for now I won't worry about those walls and just move along my merry way...

Well let me show you today's FIRST entry... let me introduce you too "miss bea" the tiny little qUeEN ~ queen of the land of creativity...  where everyone is welcome... she is a child at heART but sees way past her years of age and listens even when there is not a sound... her soul holds the key to her mind and alouds her to express what she feels by creating with her hands and her heART... 

She needs a little tweaking here and there but I think she'll bee proud to bee the mascot ~ the "QUEEN" of creativity..

Well its that time of night, when one must say "gOoD nIGhT n' swEeT dREaMs"

Till tomorrow... ;O) xox