Thursday, August 6, 2009

"Goddess of the Sea... Mizz Diva Devine"

Isn't she just a splashy kind of gal - or as some would call her a sea creature, but I have to say she is a "Goddess of the Sea" Mizz Diva Devine....she has oceans of fun with her to little friends....they always make it a point to look their best, because you never know what sea captain they might meet in the depths of the sea...especially when they hear her sing a beautiful melody... Oh how she wishes she could meet the sea-man of her she sits on rock looking up at the stars as she sings another sweet melody...
But you see out there in blOZ land this sweet little gal went to live with some sweet gal out west...we were sadden to see her go with her friends to another land that she will explore...but I know that there will be more to come since she was my first and special one...oh well let me get back to create more things that will go to many other far away places be sure to be on the look out for all these items that I create...they are sooo much fun to do...pleasure making things for each & everyone of you.

Post number four for those of you who are keeping score...
Have a honey of a night - sweet dreams!
Grace Peace & Joy 2 "U"


  1. Cute, cute and love the seahorse friend. You have that artistic flair!

  2. neat story. cute princess of the sea.

  3. She is just bee~utiful! Hugz, Z