Friday, May 1, 2009

After All Those April (& May) Showers........ Will There Bee May Flowers

Ahhh, the memories that this picture brings back to me aka "QBeeC" are full of merriment....I can remember way back when I was in grammer school the First Day of May was full of excitement...not only were us students thinking of summer soon to come...but of the celebration we were going to have in the school's play ground...I can only remember maybe once or twice this happening through those years. We celebrated by dancing around our May Pole (which actually was our flag pole). The pole had ribbons hanging down from it for children to hold on to while they dance around the pole....oh the excitement, the giggles and the think that this tiny tradition might have been lost through the years...I don't think its something that's done in grammer schools anymore.....ahhh a forgotten tradition...

Another memory of this time of year was us school kids decorating little concentrated juice cans with color construction paper that was decorated with tiny little words & pictures and a ribbon or string glue side to side on the top part of the can(this was also a big craft for another holiday soon to come which was Mother's Day) ....then we place a flower or two inside of our Beautiful container - who would be the lucky one to received this token of friendship on their door knob - would it be you or me...... oh I hope its me....

Well I can say that the May Day Basket (can) Treat is still kinda of a tradition celebrated through the land...actually, I am participating in a May Day Basket Swap - hosted by the most gracious Kari from Artsy Mama...I was partnered with a Lovely Lady by the name of Karen, who by the way lives in California - so you could say we are Coast 2 Coast Swap"ettes"....she is a true e-chat friend...we have sooooo much in we draw near to sending our baskets to each other, I know that we will stay friends by e-chatting to one another - maybe one day we will meet. But until then, we can say - a tradition that was started many, many years ago has brought two women together to become Coast 2 Coast friends...

Here's to all of our traditions, whether they be large or small, may they never be lost with time and may we start new ones too...I leave you off with a basket of flowers and a pup say "Happy May Day" to you! ...may all your days be filled with sweet things too...

Have a honey of a night!

Grace & Peace 2 "U"

Marlene :O)


  1. Wow Marlene, I loved this post. Yes, unfortunately--even when I was a child, we no longer did anything for May Day! Which is many of the sweet simple traditions seem to be fading. We love May Day--my sister's birthday is our tradition is celebrating it--but the other old customs are gone. Good to see you are keeping things creative, though :)

  2. Thanks Zan...I really think the children of today are missing out on a sweet inocent celebration that could be a lot of fun...I too love May Day, but I will keep celebrating it whether it be a basket or a can of flowers for myself or someone else...please which your sister a Happy Birthday from me and my wish to you is a "Basket of Your Dreams To Come True & Bonquet of Flowers too"..sweet dreams! :O)

  3. I loved all of your May day memories.....we sent my children a couple of times to put flowers on neighbor's porches......I loved to make crowns out of flowers and crown my statues in my room---I had quite the shrine in my room when I was little.

  4. I always wanted to play with a real may pole! love that picture. we also used to do up little baskets and hang them on door knobs, ring the bell and run.. I want to be a kid again!

  5. May poles remind me of Gwenivere singing "It's May, It's May..." in the Vanessa Redgrave/Richard Harris version of Camelot!