Thursday, May 28, 2009

Got "LIFE"

Hello everyone...Its been a couple of weeks since my last entry, but alot has happen since then - the gain of "You're The Queen Award", a Day at Ocean Grove, Church Recital and the loss of a very close family friend...its so unpredictable this thing that we call "LIFE" one moment you might have everything in the palm of your hand and then in a brief second you lose grip of the things you hold dear & important in your Life can be gone...never lose sight of the big picture - remember that you only have one time to practice for this role that we call Life...there are no replays, no u-turns, no do overs - so live every moment like its your last....just ENJOY your Life, try not to look back always look foward you never know how many rainbows that might lie ahead of you that you don't want to miss....

"Here's to all of your todays, may they be sweet memories of your yesterdays & may they make you want to look forward to more tomorrows" In memory of Cathy Rapp...signed QBeeC

Grace Peace Joy & Love 2 "U" All


PS...Tomorrow's entry will include the two people that I pass on the Queen Award to and pictures of my lovely day at Ocean Grove and much more....


  1. Ahhh, Marlene, so true! I am so sorry about your dear friend. We are really here for a fleeting time, and yet there is so much to do and appreciate--if we sing a song with happy hearts and look for the opportunities, we will see we have so much :)

    Many blessings to you, Friend!

  2. Hi Marlene, so sorry for your loss! Just wanted to let you know I finally did it. It's not very good, but finally started. Hugz, Zandra

  3. I am sorry about your friend----congratulations on your award---you deserve it!!!!! And about the part time gig--I thought you have the dream part time job already and I hope to come and see you there sometime soon! They did hire already---I wasn't in that loop too much.

  4. Oh Marlene...your quote is sooo true. Sorry to hear about your friend and please take all the time to you need to heal. We'll be here for you when you get back~
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