Thursday, May 14, 2009

Life is a Box of Crayola Crayons & more!

"2009" a year that's brought me a Crayola Box of color that has brighten my life in many ways....this year began like any other year that has come and gone...but it had an added twist.....

At the end of last year, I venture over to Artsy Mama's blOZ and low & behold, I saw that she was hosting a "Year of Color" that would begin in January & you guess it end in December....after I read Kari's description of all the things that were going to go on in it - I said "go for it" I purchased my enrollment and couldn't wait to see what I was in store for...
I am soooo glad that I made that purchased....since January - Kari has brought many new things into my life - from learning new techniques, looking at things in a different way, to trying out things out of the ordinary for me, joining many swaps through it and the best part of it - is meeting all the lovely ladies that I've had the honor to swap with....their creativity just blows my mind away....the e-chatting with them late at night and going to their blOZ and seeing the way they see life - their truly amazes me that here I sit typing away to all of you out there in blOZ and you might be a 1000 miles away & see what my life is like here at the Jersey Shore... Kari showed me to step out of the box and become my OWN individual crayon...

But it doesn't end there - I said what the heck let me join another group and sure enough I joined the winter Bella group...where I met though commenting on Teresa McFayden's Group the lovely Lady Bug herself Ms. Geralyn...I can thank Geralyn for giving me that added push that I needed to start up my engines & get my blog through this world of blogging I have met some wonderful women from Jersey to California to Texas, Florida, Tennessee, Maine, New York, the list goes on...and I know that I will meet a lot more....

Every time I click the enter button on the computer I venture to someone else blog, which might lead me into another lovely ladies' blog and so what I'm leading up to is I've gone for the gold ring on the Carousal and registered for Silver think that this Girl from Jersey is traveling the road to Bella Land where all the Glitz, Glitter and Gals are going to be - creating treasures and memories of a time they spent in Omaha Nebraska and these memories will include me...
So here's to more roads opening up for me to go and explore - ahhhhhh the possibilities are's to you opening up your box of crayons and discovering all the rainbows & pot of gold by just beginning with one crayon......
May your life be filled with many rainbows!
Grace & Peace 2 "U"


  1. Marlene! I agree! I have met so many wonderful people--including you! The online world has been an interesting and enchanted place, indeed :)

  2. See you at Silver Bella my friend! (I'll be looking for the most colorful flower in the bunch...YOU!) tee hee
    Congrats on pressing that ENTER does wonders doesn't it????
    Have a wonderful weekend!!!!
    everything vintage

  3. Hi Marlene!
    Thanks for stopping by my post and leaving a comment! So nice to meet you! Hopefully we will get to meet you at Silver Bella!
    Keep up the great blog!

  4. Lucky you going to Silver Bella! I've never been myself, but have always been blown away by anything Teresa McFayden does. I know by reading the blogs of people who have gone in past years that you are going to have totally awesome time. Be sure to take lots of photos so you can share all the fun you had with all of us!

  5. I've thought about going to silver bella, but Im really not into flying much. If it was nearby I'd go in a heart beat! You will have a blast. Have a great week!

  6. One of these years I am going to Silver Bella...sounds like my kind of party!!!! I have read about it for the past couple of years and it sounds amazing. Lucky duck!

  7. Thank you for stopping by! How kind of you to leave sweet words. You have a lovely blog and I wish you a marvelous day! Au revoir! Anita

  8. Thanks for the comment Marlene. I can't wait to meet you at Silver Bella. I met Geralyn last year and we just "clicked." I am going to miss her this year, but she has exciting times ahead. I see that you are a fan of bees and swans. Me too! Such elegant creatures. Hope you post your laundry room make over if you get to it. (I know how hard it is to get to projects on a wish list, sigh) I'm off to explore, Pam

  9. Well, Queen bee It looks like you are going to have a great time at Silver Bella---I am glad you are meeting people online before you go! I get to go to Silver Bella vicariously through you---so take lots of pictures,,,,,Lisa's event in April sounds great too!!!!!!!!! Yea---New Jersey!!!!!!

  10. I wish I were going with you and I am glad that God has brought me another great friend though the blog community! I have an award for you so pop by and give me a visit! Hope you are having a great weekend! xoxo Rhonda...

  11. I just love blogging. And I've met the most wonderful, couragous, creative and just plain fun people!!

    Thanks for visiting my blog. Have a great week.

  12. Hello Marlene ~

    I'm thrilled you want to come to our tea party ~ it is going to be fabulous! I've looked and looked for an e-mail, but can't find one. You can find me at So glad we will meet pre-Silver Bella!

    xo Heidi
    Birds of a Feather

  13. Hi Marlene!

    Looking forward to meeting you at SB!