Sunday, May 10, 2009

"Mums" The Word...

Happy Mum's Day to one & all!
Always remember your mum (I love the way mum sounds) - whether she is here on earth or in heaven above, your adopted mom, step mom, grandmom, aunt & Auntie, she will always be in your heart & a part of your life.....even though my mom, Auntie (guardian & BFF) & grandma are in earth above, I know that they have never left me - cause I carry a piece of them in my heart always & in honor of them today, I plant a "White Bleeding Heart" & I purchased Daisies to grace my table because of their love of daisies & their love for me...

Have a honey of a day!

Grace Peace Joy & Love 2 "U"


  1. Aww, those pictures are so sweet! Yes, we all owe something to the women in our lives, whether we like to think so or not! I can't imagine the influence of those wonderful family women--they are stronger or sweeter than we will ever know!

  2. What wonderful photos - so happy to have discovered your blog!

    Thanks so much for stopping by mine too, and for the kind words about my Blessed Bee piece....Coming from from the Queen Bee of Creativity I take that as high praise indeed! :)

    Have to add, I love the honeycombs in your previous post! Must find one of those stores around here...

    ~ Carolee

  3. Dear Crazy Cousin Marline,
    I miss you sooo much! I can not wait to see you again!