Wednesday, May 6, 2009

Marie Has Left the House....Rain Rain Go Away &....Anthropologie Here I Come...

Marie Antoinette has left my house to go and stay with a lovely lady by the name of Rhonda...most of you know her as Rhondamum...I was partnered with Rhonda for the Junkk Drawer "Marie Antoinette Collage Canvas Swap" we are fellow swap"ette" partners....when I first found out that Rhonda was my partner - I venture over to her blOZ land...and low & behold what do I see but an artist who is a creator of Marie Anotoinette treasures anddddd she was in a magazine to boot...the sweat began to form on my forehead, & I started to bite my nails and say "oh my oh my what will I do...what will she think of the work that I do" I paced back & forth and finally said "Girl just leave a message for her and you will be find" so I did...and what have I found, but a beautiful woman who is not only a creator of wonderful art but a protective & loving mom, wife & friend to I knew in my heart that my piece will be just fine, and that I just made a friend on line, who is down to earth and kind...I'm telling you this - this place call blOZ is truly amazing....above is the piece that I made for Rhonda, and below is the treasure that Rhonda created for me - Rhonda if you're reading this I just open it - to beautiful....
I was in another swap called "Gypsy Mermaid - Green & Pink Swap" swap"ette" partner is the lovely Lisa Aaron ....Lisa is a kind hearted, proud & loving mom & devoted wife, an artistic young woman and a Believer - who not only created the below beautiful Mermaid Treasure Box (with a lot of goodies inside) but she is an awesome jewelery maker - I know, because I am wearing a pair of earrings that she must go and visit her at her blog

Lisa was kind enough to take pictures of the items that I sent to her I had forgotten to take pictures of the items before I sent them on there way to her home...I had sooo much fun making these little gals for lisa...I made the box with the little girl holding the flowers, which shows you how great minds think a like Lisa's little mermaid that she made for me is the same little vintage gal that I used - too cool and neither knew the other was going to use other little gal that I made is a little tiny mermaid that I put on a little wooden book & named the novel "The Fins & Tails of a Tiny Mermaid"...I added a little bottle in the book with a tiny message for Lisa...
Oh I can't tell you how much I love to create...but I have to admit that I procrastinate, which makes my creations late...I apologize for my tardiness to all of my swap"ette" partners....

As I finish typing my entry, I look up to see but the moon watching over me....on Saturday the moon will be full, which is called the flower moon....ohhhh - if only the rain would stop long enough for us to enjoy the flowers that would be great...I think they call for rain up till Mother's Day......

I end my entry by saying that I will be working again (part time) in Anthropologie - yippee yahoo....there is always a creativity explosion in this store - so I leave you with a few pictures of the store front...and if I didn't say before I am saying it now & loud "I love bees & honeycombs & bee-skeps" look at what the store's decoration is - way to cool...and not only is the store decorated with honeycombs, they are honoring bees with many items, so if you have an Anthropologie store by you - go & see all the things on don't be to bizzy to take a buzz on by - go see..

Like I always say....have a honey of a night - sweet dreams & may sweet things come your way!

Grace Peace & Joy 2 "U"
Marlene aka "QBeeC" :O)


  1. Oh my gosh, oh my gosh, oh my gosh! I am the one who isn't worthy Marlene! I can't wait to see this beauty up close. I can already tell you that I LOVE IT! Mine doesn't even compare. Your words are so thoughtful and really touched my heart. And I agree, blog land is wonderful because I have made so many wonderful friends like you. Thank you for making my day! I am still awaiting all of my held mail from my vacation. Oh my gosh! There he is now! Yippee! I hope he has it! xoxo R...

  2. Thanks for the honeycomb photos! Very dramatic. I, too, have a little bit of a bee thing. And, not only that, we've just gotten a new Anthropologie store so you've given me a reason to go and check it out - those photos are way cool!

  3. What great buzzzzzzz----I did check out the honeycombs last week--I hope my next visit to my favorite store includes a visit with you! Your swaps were great!!!!! I love both the Marie collages--they are wonderful!!!!!

  4. Your Marie swap looks fab! It's so funny how our mermaids and girls turned out so similar, both with sequin pink tails too!

    We don't have an Anthro near us (that I know of) so thanks for sharing those lovely pics.

    Hope you Mother's Day was swell too :)