Saturday, April 25, 2009

Welcome to My "blOZ sWEeT blOZ"

Welcome to my "blOZ SwEeT blOZ" ....this little gal above is ME aka "QBeeC" was taken many many many years ago by my MOM who left this heavenly earth to be with God back in 1968....with Mother's Day soon approaching I have been reminiscing of "Lovely Ladies" who have touch my life - whether they are in heaven or here on earth....I can truly say I've been blessed with an abundance of love from is just a little gallery of pictures of the women that have left a dent in my heart...I thank them for all the LOVE, comforting, caring, and knowledge that they have given to me in the 48 young years of my life...and I know that along the way on my Journey of Life I will be blessed with many more......Its kinda weird - I was going to start this blog entry one way and then all of a sudden I took a turn and wound up entering about the Lovely Ladies in my life....there are many more that have put their dents onto me, but I don't have pictures of them to display right now...but they all know who they are..

Okay, well this is were I'm going to be today....since the weather here in Jersey is suppose to be garden definitely needs attending while I'm out raking, mowing, clipping and cleaning beds...I will be taking in the morning sun and the flowers that are popping up all around me....

This wasn't what I was taking in for the past couple of nights...I've been bizzzy as a bee getting together all of my swap packages to be mail out today and to be mailed out Tuesday....but the creating started in my art room and some how winded up in my kitchen, I guess you can say I was burning the midnight hours?....but don't you worry all those packages from mermaids, to carnival tokens, to Humpty Dumptys, to Marie Antoinette herself are on their way... I've been having the time of my life...there is glitter, fabric pieces, flowers, and paper every where to be seen..I luv to create...even the pups were touch by the glitter will follow of all my creations & goodies that went out....

So I bid you farewell for now, so I may go out and play in my Garden....but always remember that you're always "WELCOME" here at my blOZ...

Have a Blossom Good Day!
Marlene aka "QBeeC" :O)


  1. I love the way you tell your stories on your blog. They give my heart a grin. Thank you! Hope you are having a great weekend! xoxo Rhonda...

  2. I know how it feels getting those swaps out. I had so much to do for the garage sale.....It felt good when I went to the post office on Thursday--it is fun.....I am expecting 3 packages this week--I love the anticipation!!!!!!!

  3. I love your new picture on your banner!

  4. Your garden is absolutely lovely!

    One of these days I'll clear my work and commission schedule enough to participate in a swap - they sound so FUN!

    ~ Carolee

  5. Ahhh...thanks gals for all your lovely comments...they definitely put a smile on my face...have a blossoming good day! Marlene :O)

  6. What a great tribute to the ladies in your life. Thank you for bringing me to your blog, fellow Queen Bee!!!

  7. Hello Lovely One! I am glad to stop by your blog--I too am grinning! The story about your family and the photographs are soooo touching!

    I also managed to play a bit in the garden--when I wasn't taken over by the water realm :D

    Would love to see your garden when finished :)
    Many enchanted days, my friend!