Sunday, April 12, 2009


It's beautiful but cold Easter day here at the Jersey cousins (Chris & Cathy and their four children Megan, Emily, Matthew & Michael - Michael & I weren't in any of the pics) and I aka "QBeeC' had an early morning taste of the weather...and at 5:30 am - we all bundle up and huddle in the car to venture to Sea Bright Beach for Sunrise Easter Services but first we made a pit stop to get some HOT chocolate and yes we waited patiently sipping our hot drinks...others started coming onto the beach as things we're set up for was just sooo warming - not just by our hot drinks - but by knowing that the SON was going to Rise and the warmth that He brings is everlasting...and we should all remember this time of year and always what Jesus sacrifice for all of us...and remember that His Love is there for us even when the sun goes on this Easter Day please take the time to maybe stop in a church (I also went to mass yesterday for Easter Vigil at St. Anthony's it was such an Awesome mass) or on a beach or at home and say a little prayer of "Thanks to Him - for what He gave to us"....
I've know that I've been blessed by sooo many people in my life - some have left this heavenly earth to be with our Father but there are sooo many out there that have left their dents in my heart that are still here with me, and I am honor & proud to call them my friends & family....I hope that you all out there in blOZ land have that same privilege of having friends & family like I do....
Always remember that the SON will never leave us even when the sun goes down - He will always be there when you need Him - you will never lose His Warmth or His Light...........
In Jesus' Name, Amen...

Have a BLESSED & JOYOUS Easter Day!
Grace, Peace & Love 2 "U" All
Marlene :O)


  1. Happy Happy Easter!!!
    xoxo Jenny & Aaron

  2. hope you had a great easter Marlene! I just realized that youre one of my partners for the token swap.. (i'm such a duh sometimes!) Anyways, I'm mailing tomorrow.. so watch your mail!

  3. Marlene....Amem to that! See you at the Mermaid Tea Party!
    Xoxo, Ann-Denise

  4. I love it! Very creative!That's actually really cool!