Saturday, April 18, 2009

Part 3 of 3 "The Tea of All Teas...."

We made it the party looks like it has begun, but wait it seems that we are the first or last to arrival...oh but that can't be - Phoe"BEE" Coral said that she would meet us here for tea...what is this I see - but Miss Phoe"BEE" running away...oh what could have gone wrong....

Nothing said the Stone Seahorse - she heard that her long lost Love Captain Fin has come back to Swan Island....isn't that where we started at...well we best sit down, and enjoy this cup of tea and sweets that were left for me.... the tea is just warm enough to take away the chill...and the cupcakes and candy hit the spot...

Look at all the treasure that were left behind by Miss Phoe"Bee"...all of the beautiful shell boxes from all the exotic places that she has been to. The story is told that Miss Phoe"BEE" look high and low for her soul mate Captain Fin and to think he never left we hope that they will rekindle their love and never never let anything keep them apart - not even the sea....

Since she has gone to bee with Fin - we should be off to visit all of the other sites in blOZ land while we are here, to see what Sea tales we might learn of or treasures we might see, and maybe there might be a treat with more tea....

So hats off to Miss Lisa at Faerie Enchantment for making an ordinary day into something extraordinary for all of us to come out and play.....till we meet again and the ocean's water tickles your toes, always remember that somewhere out there can be a Mermaid named Miss Phoe"BEE"

Have a Splash of a Day!

Marlene aka "QBeeC" alias Miss Phoe"BEE" Coral :O)


  1. OMG, I haven't left the party at your place yet, I've been here all day basking in the magic and enchantment by the sea. Miss Queen Bee you managed to bring smiles to my day!

    Super Hugs!

  2. P.S. I love love love that Lobster Girl Photo!

  3. What fun! Wonderful cupcakes, and that little blue seahorse is adorable!

  4. Go Marlene, Go Marlene! LOL!
    You out did yourelf, like my daughter, I've been here a while, reading your mermaid party and adventure!


  5. Rock Lobster!!!!!!!! I am water and Lisa had some great posts today and everyday.....your tea party and childhood pictures were magical. Thanks for some bees by the sea and all of your creativitea!!!!

  6. The lobster pic is hilarious..I love it..I'm a lttle late, hope you come by for some nighty night tea!
    xoxo, Ann-Denise

  7. Oh what a fun fun post, Marlene!!! So glad I came over to visit!!!

  8. Sure enjoyed your creative mermaid post...thanks for sharing! Lori

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