Saturday, April 18, 2009

Part 2 of 3 "Morning Has Broken" & the Sea"Gals" Are On Their Way to the "Mermaid Tea Party" Hooray!

As we venture out of our rooms that we stay at on the Jersey Shore....we were determine not to mess up today & be on our way to Lisa Kettrel's "Mermaid Tea we asked this kind Captain Fin where we must go to get us to the Shores of blOZ land - he gave us down pat Map Quest dircctions to the shing ding....later we came to find out that Captain Fin was the beau of Phoe"Bee"Coral back in the late eighties - but they came about rough waters and decided to go their own seperate ways, and till this day neither have met their soul mate......

We jump in our car, and over bridge and through the marshes to Lisa's place we go - if you don't know by how the place to be is to get a go spot of tea and maybe a nibble or two of the sweetest treats there'll our starting location became smaller to the eye...we were all excited as can bee to be on the road to blOZ....

As we drove and drove and drove, we saw many sites of the east coast

Then low and behold - what do we see but the "land of Sea Faerie Enchantment" that can only bee where Miss Lisa was going to host her tea....our hearts started pounding or was that the surf in the the anticipation came over us....we couldn't wait to see all the fun that was ahead of us....

We parked our car, and walk the rest of the wasn't far now and we could see through the tall marsh grass that it was waiting for us to arrive & to have a good time with all the others from blOZ's just passed this star light bush - OMG who do I see - but .............................

Oops....I think the camera when on the blink - as soon as its up and running we'll be back to post some more of our THREE PART Adventure to Miss Lisa's "Mermaid Tea"......see you there....
Till later gator............Marlene aka "QBeeC" alias Phoe "BEE" Coral :O)


  1. Hi Marlene!

    I am popping by for the Mermaid Tea Party :) Loved the pictures you shared....especially of the beach. Come and visit me also when you have time. I have plenty of yummy goodies, some sparklies and a Giveaway in my parlour!


  2. I'm a West coast mermaid, I've never been to the East coast, thanks for sharing!

    In honor of the mermaid tea party, I invite you to swim by my blog, I'm having a mermonkey giveaway today!

    Waxela (wa-shay-la)
    aka SpiritMama

  3. I love the shore, I can't wait to drive down for Ocean Grove Day!