Sunday, April 5, 2009

The Birds & the "Boyz" ....and the Gals from blOZ ...

It's been a while since my last buzz alert boy has time flown by...and boy do I have a few things to talk I better get bizzy and give you all the news...first the above & to the side little birdies - I made for an ATC swap that I'm in - in the "Year of Color"..they are too sweet....this month's swap is all about Polka Dots...I can't wait to begin - I think it is super sweet and it will burst your bubble (hint hint)....speaking about swaps, I'm actually in a few that sound like a lot of fun, the gals I've been matched up with, seem to me to bee sweet Swap"ette" partners, so I can't wait to get started on their's to happy creating!

Now on to another topic - I brought Sir Toby McBee and Sir Wheezer for their spring cuts...Toby (on the left) was good (which surprised me) but there was a little problem with Wheezer - you see I just adopted Wheezer a few weeks ago and this is his first time that I am taking him to the groomer - he did very well when I took him to the vets BUT not so well with the groomers - seems that Sir Wheezer (on the right)has a problem with getting his hair he didn't get much cut off except for around his eyes, and he got a lovely bath and brushing...oh well better luck next time...they can't wait to take their Easter picture - they both have their eyes looking out for the Easter Bunny and his treats/carrots....

Okay, last by not least, I met the gals from blOZ land at a favorite store of mine called "PARCEL" if you're ever in Montclair, NJ please stop by and say "Hi" to Nancy the owner and tell her & her daughter Lucy that "Mizz Bee sent was so great seeing everyone again - the first time that we all met was at the Lovely Mrs. Lady bug Geralyn from "Greetings from Geralyn" for Tea which was just DEVINE...and at the gathering we all became friends - so we decided on another gathering at "Parcel" (sorry Nancy that we missed you - Nancy, please thank Lucy for my package - she will be receiving something from me soon).... one of the other great gals that was at the Tea - was the famous Miss Lightening bug Lisa Kettrel from "Faerie Enchantment" (Ohhhh and please do stop by Lisa's blog on Saturday April 11th - she is will be hosting a "Mermaid Tea Party" this should bee the creme d'la creme of all Tea Partys please wear all your best jewels and bee dazzling outfits you - never never know who you might run into) ...don't we look like a great bunch of gals to hang out with ...well I must say we are (thank you Mrs. Ladybug for sharing your picture with me) the gals are - on the bottom is Ralene, starting on the left are Lisa, Zandra (who will hopefully have a blog soon), Me aka "QBeeC", the Joan and Mrs. Ladybug herself to our next trip together....thanks for the great time gals....

I'm going to say "Good-Night" and sweet dreams to all!

Have a honey of a day tomorrow!
May all your dreams come true!
Marlene aka "QBeeC" :O)


  1. That looks like my kind of place. You look like such a fun gal, especially the way you have such a fun smile. I can't beleive you know Lisa Kettrel. I love her work and would love to meet her. I just purchased two more of her collage cds - too fun! Hope to chat soon! xoxo Rhonda... aka RhondaMum

  2. Marlene, Go Marlene, Go Marlene, LOL, I had so much fun, and now I am proud to say I have a blog, Lisa helped,LOL!
    Til our next adventure...

  3. I had loads of fun Queen Bee, when is our next adventure?

  4. I love your birdie ATC's!! We are going to have such fun being Bellas!