Monday, February 9, 2009

Took Wrong Turn - Flight Is Delay - QBC Back On Track

It's two days now, that I "Queen Bee of Creativity" took flight out of the hive and venture into unknown territory....with all the excitement of leaving my "Hive Sweet Hive" - I became overwhelmed with all the turns, and bends in the sky that I started to get confused...but I stop for a moment to ask a fellow traveler for directions on how to get to this place that they call bl"OZ", and was told by a very kind Lady Bug - Ms. Geralyn that it is all "trial and error" & to go to a place call Target to buy with some honey & camera to keep track of my journey called "Life" with this in mind - I am back on the buzz to the "Land of blOZ"....please stop by again to see were my path may lead - you never know where I might buzz to or I might ask you for directions too.....

Have a honey of a day tomorrow!
QBC aka Marlene :O)


  1. Hi Marlene, nice to meet you! Keep us in blog land posted on your journeys. You never know what you will find on a good adventure!

    Thanks for stopping by my giveaway!
    Magic and Joy!

  2. Hi Marlene - good luck with your new blog! I agree it is trial and error, but you'll start to get it. Pictures will be a great addition and I'll look forward to seeing some photos of your life!


    p.s. thanks for the birthday wishes!