Sunday, February 15, 2009

Bee Still My Heart - Time Has Flutter By

Boy does time fly by fast - when you're having fun...I can't beelieve that 6 wonderful days have past by since my last news buzz was enter into my journal in the "Life of blOZ" much has happen since then...first I took the advise of Lady Geralyn by purchasing a digital camera from Target...thank you Lady still hasn't been used - such a BIG box for such a little camera - that I feared that the box might crush me, so it took me till today to open on to learning to operate - oh boy the plot thickens with honey - hopefully it will be easy to learn it, if not than I will have to go to the Hive and ask the worker bees to help me....

On to other happenings - I was sooo bizzy preparing for my Valentine Party that I lost track of much to do that I didn't get the chance to flutter by and post about my adventures...I had a swarm of fairies (Molly, Emma, Morgan, Erin, Megan & Emily) coming to my skep for a day of sweets & creativity....we were bizzy creating fun cupcake holder corsages and decorative candles - which I "Queen Bee of Creativity" learned from a blOZ called a "Year of Color" hosted by the Colorful Butterfly Kari from Arsty Mama....all the fairies creations were sooo adorable...we were all having soooo much fun that we didn't realize that the time flew by and they had to go back to the forests were they lived....we can't wait to meet again on Daffodil Sunday to create more sweet treats....till then...

Then there were the parties that I attended - the whirl wind of a Valentine's dance on Friday the 13th - I was a lucky bee to fly into a lot of friends who attended this event - I wore my red and all my jewels - you know being of royality you always have to look & bee your best ....with all the dancing, food & treats that went on - I thought it would never end but I had to get back to my hive sweet hive for some beauty rest for the next event....which turn out to bee a whirl wind success (the Valentine Craft Party) for today - after buzzing in the church choir at mass, I attend a gala held by my friend Miss Chick-a-dee Wendy, she flew a great event many flock to her party - I went with Mizz Owl"ette" Bonnie...what can I say birds of a feather stick together...we had a blast, meeting so many friends & guests of Miss Chick-a-dee's, again time flew by we bid our farewells & went our seperate ways....

Once back to my skep - I swirled in to see more exciting things going on in the Land of blOZ...which stirred the creativity stored up inside of me - that it lead "I "QBC"" to begin & create my art journal (Yeah) - now that's great Buzz....well that's it for now, I am swarming in, to create some more - maybee a second & third journal, only time will tell....happy trails to you - till we meet again!

Have a honey of night - sweet dreams!
QBC aka Marlene :O)

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