Friday, February 20, 2009

New Hive for Pup called Wheezer

Well the buzz around the skep, is that there will be a new guy aka cairn terrier pup in the hive - the little guy's name is "Wheezer" and that ain't no teaser...we haven't formally met yet - but I bet he'll be a real stinger...the other pup aka Toby McBee in the hive will be really surprised to see another pup"bee" in the hood...since its only been I "Queen Bee of Creativity" and Toby in this Bizzy Skep....

Well I'm off to prepare all the honeycomb rooms for his arrival...just keep all your fingers and wings cross for the meeting of the two misters that things will work out fine and the two will become pup brothers...

Have a honey of a night and sweet dreams!
QBC aka Marlene and Toby McBee soon to be three with Mr. Wheez

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