Tuesday, February 24, 2009

There's No Place Like Hive..... In The Land of blOZ

Hello Everyone! He's here....Prince "Wheezer" Emerald has arrived at our Hive Sweet Hive....we're still adjusting to the new little bugger...he is sooo sweet and just a little honey...he has been buzzing around the hive either following me "QBC" or Sir Toby McBee...he is so funny and I must say very energetic...so energetic, that I think Sir Toby and I will definitely get our daily work out...now if only I would stop procrastinating and submit pictures on my bl"OZ" for everyone to see how adorable both my little guys are....

On another buzz...as I sit here in my twinkling lighted art room...I'm preparing for an Artist Day that I'm participating in this weekend at a lovely place called Dearborn Farms...again, I have procrastinated, which is leading me into a major PANIC to get things done...I have to concentrate on the three words that I have pick for me this year to live by...which are FOCUS - DISCIPLINE - FINISH....once I adjust my thoughts to these words, I will bee able to get BIZZY and accomplish ALOT....

I forgot to mention that I received the most BEAUTIFUL BOX of Treats from my swap"ette" partner Barbara from the Valentine "Year of Color" swap...this was her first swap - I have to say she did an AWESOME creative job with all of my treasures that I received from her...my box was filled with great creations by Barbara, one in particular was a VERY LOVELY WREATH (in Salt Water Taff colors which by the way was our theme)that I love, plus there were lots more goodies..I do not have a picture yet, but I will soon post one...you can go on Barbara's blog to see my goodies and to purchase some of the Lovely things that she makes...you can see them at - "secondsurf.etsy.com or at secondsurf.blogspot.com ...Thank you very much Mizz SandPiper Barbara - may you soar like an eagle in all that you do..and I know that you will.

There are many other swaps I'm preparing for now, one is in the "Year of Color", which is hosting a monthly ATCs' swap...the two hosts are Kari of ArtsyMama and Christine...another swap is "Easter Egg Garland Swap" hosted by Jennalee of http//:artrageousafternoon.blogspot.com, and I'm bizzy making more ATC's for Ms. LadyBug Geralyn's Tea Party (greetingsfromgeralyn.blogspot.com) I can't wait...well I better buzz on out of blOZ Land and get off my stinger and get bizzy to achieve all of the above and more...gotta make the honey...

Have a honey of a day!

Peace 2 "U" :O)


  1. i like being referred to as Ms. Ladybug..........I am going to try to make it to Dearborn Farms.....if not I'll see you the eighth. Look for the invite in the mail---if you haven't rec'd it by Monday let me know.

  2. Hello Miss Marlene Aka Queen Bee, my fave Queen of the Bee's. Can I just say how much fun My Mom and I had the other day at Geralyn's, meeting you was just amazing!

    My goodness, you are the best and so talented. I have my ATC right in studio with my fave goodies, your ATC's were beautiful! My Mom's is on her vanity with the other girls ATC's she loves them and came by today, making her first ATC, it came out great.

    Okay, get those art shoes walking, because soon we will all be embarking on an artful adventure in Montclair...


    P.S. See you at the Carnival, the magic awakens in a few days!