Saturday, February 7, 2009

Queen Bee of Creativity aka QBC Has Arrived

Well - i've done it...i've come out of the beehive to explore the land of blog...and i must say "Bravo" to is definitely all the buzz that everyone out there saids it would be...i am sooo proud of myself for taking the flight out of the hive - let the workers attend to the skep - while I "QUEEN BEE of Creativity aka QBC" explore the world outside....there are sooo many places to go - flowers to taste - and new bees friends out there to meet..

So let me flutter my wings, and go for a buzzzz to the "Land of blOZ" -somewhere over that rainbow is a pot of honey....i'm definitely out of my element verturing out on my own....but - hey you never know, who or what challenges you might come across....that's just part of the fun - that's LIFE taking chances.....well i'm off - wish me luck...

Have a honey of a day!
QBC aka Marlene :O)

p.s.... just a little note to all of my fellow blog"ettes" at a "Year of Color II" - thank you for all your advise in starting my very own little hive in the "Land of blOZ"...

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