Sunday, July 26, 2009

My Tiny Little HoneyComb .....Where I Create In My Hive Sweet Hive

I know that this is a day and a half late & I apologize for my tardiness ..but if you would like to come a see a little part of where I create - I would be happy to invite you in.....the lovely Karen Valentine of Desert Cottage had a party on Friday, July 24th - invitations were sent out to all in blOZ land to attend so please go and visit Karen's blog to see all of the other areas were we blOZZers create...

My art room is just a tiny little room in my 850 square foot (hive sweet hive) home...but to me it is my creative palace...I sooo enjoy & love being in my creative spot, where I some times can be a bit dis-organized - but that's okay because other than you all out there in blOZ land, its usually just me & the boyz (Toby & Wheezer) that enter this magical place....I always have some sort of project going things are moved around and out of take a look around to see some of the things that surround me & inspire me... and just make me plain ole happy...I especially love it when I sit here at night and just have my twinkling lights on when I create...

ENJOY and please do stop by again...and "thank you" Karen for having such a lovely's to all of you out there, may you have a little space that you can call your own
creative spot...

Have a honey of a night - may sweet things come your way!
Grace Peace Joy & Love 2 "U" All
Marlene :O)

P.S. But one day I have a dream that my creative space will expand into my little tiny shed...


  1. What a darling spot you have ... TTFN ~Marydon

  2. Hi.. I remembered that you were also on the list for the Share your space.. You have a sweet space.. I love the fireplace and mirror and all your plates and metal boxes.. Looks like lots of fun treasures to create with.. I am sure you really enjoy it.. It is darling.. The shed looks cute too.. Thank you for sharing. It was fun to see where you create..
    Keep Creating!

  3. BEElieve me when I buzz in your ear that I love your enchanting space. You can tell that it "feels good" in your honeycomb. Thank you for sharing and great to "see" you! Chat soon! xoxo Rhonda...

  4. Hello. Just found your blog. I think your stuff is really interesting. New follower. Feel free to come check out my blog if you'd like.

  5. Just gorgeous I hope to participate next time!
    I have had a blast looking at everyone's creations & getting all sorts of ideas.

    Have a blessed day & week,


  6. Hello Marlene,

    Your creative space is so's the space fits, Claim it! :0) Your little shed is just adorable. Thanks so much for sharing your creative space with me.

    When you have a moment I'd love for you to drop by to see my "studio in progress". I've just recently moved into our home and have been remodeling for almost three months. I'm almost finished with the big stuff. (I think!)

    See ya,

  7. I love your creative space filled with the little houses and holiday lights( I love that extra touch), I think I am half way through Karen's list of guests. I wish I had more time to visit. Glad you had a good time in Maine.......the lobster sounds like it might be worth a ride some time soon!

  8. Better late than never!! Your space is so creative and is just darling!! I love the twinkle lights!! Thank you for sharing!

  9. Hi Marlene, Just looked at your craft space..I like it.Looks like you have lots of stuff I like. Hope someday you can move out to the little looks very inviting. Sally

  10. I am a little late to the party, but better late than never. My daughter, the fashionista, will soon be leaving the nest for her new apartment. I will have the luxury of decorating her old room (specifically the closet) as my creative space. I cannot wait and will incorporate many of the wonderful ideas you have shared here. Thank you.

  11. Marlene, your room is inspirational and I can tell that it is filled with things that you love and bring you creative energy! I love your tag swag and the lights on ceiling....all of it is wonderful. Yea for you!!!

  12. Un~BEE~lievably cute! I've think you sent some of those bees my way! I have 3 of them at my place! lol Glad you had a great time in Maine. Glad to have you buzzin around again! Hugz, Z

  13. hi Marlene, it looks like a perfectly sweet place to spend time creating! Love the colors. My craft studio is tiny too. but its perfect for me for now!
    thanks for sharing! Hugs!

  14. Hi Marlene!
    Your little bee hive is fantastic! A creative space doesn't have to be big or just has to have a creative mind in it! Or in your case, a creative BEE!
    Too cute!
    everything vintage

  15. I am late too. I bet we would get along great. I love your beautiful place to create. So glad you came to the party.

  16. Your space is amazing! Mine is soooo overcrowded that my kids (who all have a home of their own now) tell me I must let something go! Wouldn't that be like choosing between one of them? So I'm adding making charms and jewelry to the manic menagerie.

  17. I love it! Very creative!That's actually really cool!