Friday, July 31, 2009

The Buzz on the "Honey" of a Bee Prize....

This is going to BEE - short & sweet....tomorrow is the beeginning of the month of August...its a month of celebrating for many of my family members, friends & myself - since we were all born on a day in special day happens to be the 17th of August....this will be a month filled of festivities for all....

Here's what all the buzz is about - I would like to celebrate with you my friends in blOZ land too....this entry marks my 37th entry since I started blOZZing & buzzing with everyone out there is "blOZ LaNd"....I will be entering 12 more entries till my Bee-day - which will be my 49th entry and my 49th bee-day...I figured since my blOZ is named "Queen Bee of Creativity aka QBeeC" I would put together, a "HONEY of a bunch " of items related to "a Queen, Bees, & of course things to bee creative with"......I will show the "Bee Prize" on my sixth entry from today's - which will be the half way mark of entries till the 49th Bee-Day...if you would like to enter for this honey of a prize, I kindly ask that you leave me a comment from the day I post a picture of the items till the morning of the 17th...then I will enter your name into my honey jar.....on the evening of the 17th - I will buzz on by and announce the please join in on the fun with me, while I celebrate this month!

Have a honey of a night - sweet dreams!
Grace, Peace, Joy & Love 2 "U"
Marlene aka "QBeeC"


  1. Dearest Marlene
    Blessings of joy to you and yours as you celebrate the gift of life with many a happy birthday party all around the family.
    I also have a birthday coming up .
    Mine is August 7th .I will turn 50 this year .
    Wow where does the time go ?
    May you and yours enjoy many more special birthdays filled with happiness .
    Big Texas size hugs for you all
    Happy Trails

  2. Thanks Terry...and I wish you a very Happy Birthday too...and you're so right time does go by fast that's why we need to treasure everyday...Have a honey of a day! Marlene

  3. Happy Birthday Blessings! So happy to find your blog!