Saturday, October 31, 2009

Here's to a Boo-tiful Halloween 2 All & 2 All a Good Night

As Halloween comes to an end....I would like to thank all the Ghouls (Danielle, Ellen, Elizabeth, Genevieve & Rhonda) that I had swapped are some glimpses of treats that were made by me and my fellow swap"ettes"...I can't tell you how TALENTED these ghouls are...I was truly blessed by ALL of the goodies & treats that they sent to me .....
Thank you Ghouls soooo much....and I hope that you liked the goodies that I sent your way!...
Have a Boo-tiful night - sweet dreams!
Grace Peace Joy & many Blessings 2 U


  1. Happy Halloween Marlene! Wow, sure looks like you were busy and had tons o' fun! Hope you are doing well and getting to be creative! BIG HUGS!

  2. Hi Marlene! look at all the goodies! such spooky sweetness!
    have a great sunday!

  3. Marlene,
    Thanks for the wonderful, unique items you gave me, loved everything, i posted about you on my blog, as well. You are very talented and it was so fun to become your swap pal!!!

    I am loving the candle, where did you get it...
    smells bewitching, a store that sells, scented oils, incense, the scent!!!
    I have my beautiful items all over the house!
    You really were a great partner! I am so excited for you, Silver Bella is coming!!!!!
    Take lots of pics!!! Happy 4 U!


  4. Hope you are doing well and getting to be creative! BIG HUGS

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