Wednesday, November 25, 2009

The Early Bird Gets The Worm...The Procrastinator - A Lesson To Learn...and A Change is Brewing

Happy Gobble Gobble Day a day early....doesn't the saying go the "Early Bird Catches the Worm" - in this case its the "Early Wishes Brings You Joy & Well Wishes" ... But that is not the case always with me... Actually, I have to say, I do a Spectacular Job at being a Procrastinator.... I truly don't want to be this way but it happens, so if there are any of you out there is blOZ land that can give this gal any suggestions that are helpful, I would be very thankful for them... You see, sometimes when I procrastinate it not only upsets me but there are times when it upset others.... so I do apologize to those that this has affected, know that I truly don't mean to be this way.... Like my little caption of myself goes on the side of my blOZ - "I am a procrastinator on a mission to Focus- Discipline - Finish..."

On another note, below are just a few of the things that I am thankful for during this Thanksgiving Holiday....
* I am thankful that God is always there when I need Him - even though it seems like sometimes I'm all alone but I can rest assure that He is standing right a long side of me...
* I am thankful that I am here to be able to write this message - that my health is gradually improving and will be improving much much more in the months to come...
* I am thankful for my family - whether I still have the honor & pleasure of having them here on earth or even Heaven above...for all that they had to put up with me, to taking me in - in my time of need, for ALWAYS being there
* I am thankful for my friends - that are always there when I need: a helping hand, or shoulder to cry on or an ear to listen to my woes & blessings, food for when times get a little tough not only food for the body but food for the soul also...
* I am thankful that I am blessed with not only one job but with two & a half....
* I am thankful for my artistic talents that God has given me...
* I am thankful for my trip to Silver Bella....and enjoying the company of many TALENTED women from all over the United States (this will be another blOZ entry)
*These are just a few of the things that I am thankful for....

From My Home to Yours - Have a Happy Thanksgiving & many Blessings 2!

Grace Peace & Joy 2 U,


PS...Ohhhh I forgot to note a little hint on my change - discovering new & old things ohhh the presents that life gives...


  1. Happy Gobble Gobble Day, Marlene! It was a pleasure meeting you at Silver Bella. Have a great day! :)

  2. Hi Marlene.....seeing your picture all over the land of it!!!! I loved the window at Anthropologie at Shrewsbury (the state of NJ made of NJ postcards)....finally made it to Summerhouse and heard you and Kathe go way it a small world or what??? Hope you are enjoying the holiday season!!!

  3. Thanks for the cheering on. Made it to the summerhouse with Geralyn and it was nice to hear the story of you and kathe. Hugz, Z

  4. Glad to hear you are feeling better! I would love to hear, more about Silver Bella and what classes you online were gorgeous!

  5. Just checkin in on you. Love the gift you gave Pam. Just bee-utiful! Have a Merry Christams!
    Hugz, Z

  6. 幸福是人人都要,又怎麼可能都歸你所有?要知道這世界幸福本來就不多..................................................

  7. knock......knock......I know you are in there......I saw your picture on Charlotte's can't still be suffering a glitter hangover from Silver Bella............we need to catch up!!!!!!!!!!!!

  8. 想像力的力量比知識更加巨大。........................................