Saturday, October 17, 2009

WWHHHOOOO Goes there...I Hear Ole Magic In The Air

Welcome.....allllll you Ghosts & Ghouls...I am sooo glad that you could stop by...Howard the Owl heard you coming a mile away. So good ole Howard decided to start giving out some "HOOTS" so that you might find your way faster here.... Ohhhh isn't that funny - you thought boarder up Mizz Bee's old place was ours... Oh my dear NO NO NO
she's buzzzzzed out of here a long time ago. When her true love Mr. Four Eyes turn to just broke her heart to past by his statue everyday, she wanted to put on his glasses, so that he could see how madly in love she was with him...ohhh thats another story .... let's continue with OUR visit...
Might I ask did you come through the Magical Port Hole to get here...its the only one along this road...and its the only one around for hundreds of miles... this hole can transport you to many many grand places...BUT its the "Ancient Bootiful Carved Doors" known as the "ABCD's" that bring to you an alphabetical magical zany place that not many have gone before the place is called Vanessa "Fanicful Twist Blog" - where the zaniest funniest magical Party is going definitely do not want to miss this party - its the party of all parties - where ALL put on their best dress and webs so that ALL may see... So please do stop by and tell her I said "HI"...

I won't hold you up much longer you will have many places to visit once you stop and visit Fanciful Twist Blog Party...
Let me look at your palm and I can tell you your future....I see a very haunting & exciting day coming your ENJOY it as much as you can...because this chance is ONCE in a life time...

Mr. Black Eye Crow came out of his cage just for you so that he may make a treat or two for you to taste... ohhhh look at the size of that devil egg he made what a funny little chef is he.. but see that he has even prepare a few sweet treats for you to take on your magical journey of fun... don't eat them all at once I know that some of the other ghouls have treats waiting for you some in your caravan and save them for later...

Hurry time is slipping by real don't want to miss anyone or anything....have a BlAST...
Stop by again real soon...and I will make a fresh batch of brew....

Have a Haunting Good Night!
Grace Peace Joy & many Blessings 2 U all


  1. Hellooooo Sweets! What a lovely Halloween party you have going on! So many enchanted creatures! Hope you are having a fun time at the Blog Party and Happy Halloweeeeeen!! xoxo Zan

  2. Oh what fun. Such a pretty blog you have. Do stop by and party with Alice and Dead Bob, if you dare! **kisskiss** Deborah

  3. Love the decor and mood of your party..i did
    go ahead and do it...i'm the last one on the blog i do believe!

    Happy Halloscream!

  4. what a neat post! love the owl! he's a hoot!

  5. Happy Halloween and have a magical weekend! Twyla

  6. Fabulous decor in here the hourglass and the twigs with lights! Thanks for your hospitality...swing your broom over to my place for some more treats if you haven't already flown by!

  7. hello Marlene,

    a devil's eye ? Can you really eat this ?... Please share your recipe with me : It looks great, if this tastes as good...:)

    What a lovely house... I would love to live in here...
    greetings from Belgium

  8. Spooky house! Thanks for inviting me to your party, I'm sorry I'm so late.

  9. great decorations - i adore your owl :D

  10. What a spooky party you're throwing. THanks for inviting me! Happy halloween.

  11. Hi, Great Halloween post! Wonderful Halloween decorations! Happy Halloween to you!

  12. Hi there!

    Happy Hallowe'en and great party post!!!

    SpOOky Best,
    Chris (-:

  13. Lovely post! Thanks for partying! I heard the owl's cry and headed straight your way! Hoo to you too!
    ~ Autumn Clark

  14. FINALLY fell asleep at someone's party last back to make rounds again today...

    Thank you for the glad you left the decorations up for me!

    Please stop by and see my creative offerings for the party...they're still up, too!

  15. I LOVE it!! And I super adore that house and those beakers and oh, all of the hauntingly wonderful treats you share!!

    Bwuahahahaaaa, thank you for being a delightful part of the festivites!

  16. What a lovely party...and your house is just wonderful, I like a gal with an owl as well...Happy Halloween!!

  17. I was hungry too...thanks ever so much for the treats!! Sorry to be late.
    If you have a chance; visit my party too!

  18. Ooooh! Great story :) If you haven't stopped for a visit, hop on your broom and come to my party!


  19. Thanks for the reading;) Is there some1 up in that top right window?:0

  20. Such a fanciful post! You have a great imagination! Are you doing Nanowrimo in November????
    (National Novel Writing Month...pledge to write a 50,000 word novel...rough draft, in ONE MONTH!)It is a hoot of fun!

  21. Lovely party!!!and eek... NaNoWriMo! XD

    Come on over for a party and giveaway!

  22. Party straggler, that's me! What a lot of fun pics. I'd totally have to go take photos of that spooky house! I like the photo of the "blue girl" in your post before this one too. And now, off I swoosh to visit a few more spooky folk.

  23. such fun youre having girlfriend! great pictures!
    have a great weekend!

  24. Very fun party! Thanks! I will see you tomorrow at the Masquerade party- I will be the one in the black mask!

  25. Lovely post, those doors are gorgeous, and what a wonderful old house just waiting for someone new to love it. Happy Haunting~

  26. Great spooky post! Thanks for the party and have a Happy Halloween!

  27. Happy Halloween! Enjoyed my stay here on your site.

  28. What a spooktacular party! They were all so much fun!

    I have a monster that is ready to go for a trip to her new home. But I need an address...
    email me

  29. HAPPY HALLOWEEN! Have fun at Silver Bella! Hugz, Z

  30. I LOVE it!! And I super adore that house and those beakers and oh, all of the hauntingly wonderful treats you share!!

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  31. Do stop by and party with Alice and Dead Bob, if you dare!

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