Friday, June 5, 2009

The Sun Will Come Out Tomorrow

Hello all....welcome to a very tiny part of New Jersey - the Garden State or should I say the raining on the east coast we've been seeing pretty much of a lot of puddles & hearing a lot of pitter patter of rain drops hitting the outside of our I was going through some of my pictures in my camera that I took last week, I came upon these that did show the sun shining here at the Jersey Shore...

So sit back and take a little stroll into my tiny little world called home....I think the boyz are already waiting for you in the back yard....

Not only has it been raining on & off today and yesterday - but its been raining here in Jersey on and off for a couple of weeks everything is looking very lush and green...but with all the rain a lot of the flowers have lost their sometimes there might be flowers, but in a bleak of an eye you are left with just take in all the beauty that comes to you everyday because you never know when it might go away...

Ahhh just a little more around the bend and we'll be in my back yard...sometimes I feel that my little part of paradise is actually a run way for "Birdz" Airline - the traffic that flies high & low across my yard see more traffic than the Atlantic City Airport (LOL).. Sometimes I think the birds are having a race amongst themselves to see who could go faster from one house to another...we have many varieties - finches, blue jays, mocking birds, cardinals, wrens, lets not forget the crows and much much more in this tiny yard I call home...."Home" can be an 800 square foot co-op or an 8,000 square foot castle - but the saying holds true in either place "There's No Place Like Home"....

Look it here, Wheezer is waiting to greet you in to our back yard...
the boyz are always having a grand time back there between chasing the birds, or scaring the squirrels....or holding rap group try outs for their fellow canine pals in the hood their group is called "Barkers Unite" andddd they sometimes decide to hold a show of their own by chasing each other crazily around in circles...sometimes they forget what they are chasing after and just stop & look around dumb founded then they realize what they were doing and go back on track as though they never stopped running...and I must say they have a big fan club here....we have Fiona the Huskie, Benny the hot dog, Atlanta the lab, Crash the pug, Lucy the pug/beagle, Bear & Paw the Chows, and Roxy who's a mix and lets not forget all of the kitties that live in the hood but there are too many to name....they always bring down the house when one walks by our door, I think you can hear the barking all the way down to Red Bank...too funny...

But I do so sooo love my tiny little I sit in one of my many chairs and watch the world go by...its such a delight to sit and admire all the flowers that have grown and bring beauty to my garden - I think I would make my grandmother proud if she saw my yard I sit back and take in the scenary I sit and wonder can there be a piece of heaven in my very own little please come sit with me and have a glass of ice tea on the next sunny day here at the Jersey Shore and enjoy all of Mother Nature that is displayed in my very little tiny yard that I called "HOME"....

Thanks for dropping by now...but before you go please enjoy some of the beauty that lies in this yard of mine...

The boyz hate to see you go, but they hope that you will stop on by anytime...don't be a stranger, you're always "Welcome" , we'll make sure to always leave a light on for when you do...

Have a honey of a night - sweet dreams!

Grace, Peace & Joy 2 "U"

Marlene :O)


  1. Hi Marlene, your garden looks so pretty! I wish I could say the same for my backyard. I wish I had a green thumb but I never have any luck with plants! lol Here comes the sun! yeah, I hope it sticks around for a while. Hug, Z

  2. Hi Zandra, thanks for stopping day you and Geralyn must come over for a nice luncheon & ice tea...thank you for the compliments but I must say its all up to mother nature for all the green that I have in my back yard - I have a purple thumb not green LOL....OHHHH I missed the sun hopefully it will peek out again...I'm going to PARCEL today..have a honey of a day!

  3. I love that Place! Have a good time. Be sure to check me out and see what good news I got today. Hugz, Z

  4. Good Morning Marlene,
    The rain seems to have finally ceased here in Northern NJ. Hopefully by you as well...
    I have a cup of tea in hand and have strolled through your lovely garden. You have done a beautiful have created your very own piece of heaven. I know your grandmother would be very proud. Isn't it wonderful when the grass is always greener in our own backyard?
    And those boys of yours.....adorable!!! However, you might want to discourage them from forming a rap group. Perhaps a classical ensemble might be more condusive to the atmosphere of your piece of paradise. :)
    I've thoroughly enjoyed my visit. Your blog is lovely.
    Hugs from one Jersey gal to another!

  5. Oh Marlene thank goodness you have some iced tea for me----I would love to spend some time in your garden and I want to spend some time with your cute little scotties....they might even like the shortbread I brought. Your garden is beautiful and I am so glad the sun came out for us----WHAT??????? you went to Parcel without me????? Only kidding I'll hang out with your cute dogs until you get home.

  6. Hello Marlene! Thank you for coming to visit! What a beautiful site you have---so colorful and happy. Your garden is great and your little "boyz" are so darling. We are going to get a that what they are? Come on by again and join in on the crown museum! Have a splendid day. Anita

  7. What a beautiful garden you have. I clicked on your pics to enlarge and could then see some more details. Awesome!
    Thanks for the tour - oh, and the iced tea. It was delicious!