Tuesday, June 9, 2009

The Journey of the Journal or is it the Journal of the Journey...that IS the Question?

Good Evening all...the question of today is "Is it the Journey of the Journal or the Journal of the Journey"....above is a cover of a book that I just purchase at the "Ocean Grove's Flea Market" a couple of weekends ago....I brought this very old book for a whopping $1.00 you see you are only seeing the front of the book, but what you're not seeing is that there is no back cover but there is many delicate pages beyond the cover...that's now it is with journaling...we see the beginning/cover of one's journal but do we know if there is a middle or an end...we won't know unless the individual invites us to see what they have put into it...well we have been granted permission by many of the "Land of blOZ" world to venture into each one's journal...some of these individuals are Kari of ArtsyMama, Hope of PaperRelics and Pam Garrison and there are many many more out there who aloud us to read or see their many entries....these gals are truly amazing with what they have created in their journals...they are truly inspiring with all of their visuals of their books... and all their words of encouragement for anothers to try this art of writing/creating....

Well you see, their words were so inspiring to me that I finally created my first page - I've had the front & back done for a while but I couldn't continue for some reason - I felt as though I was going to ruin my journal if I enter anything... but you see that's what the book is meant for, to experiment, to make happy mistakes that turn into works of art - isn't that what life is about, that we have to take the chances or we won't find out if it would make it as a page in our book of life...so here is my journal please feel free to look and maybe I will have inspire one of you to go beyond the covers and create the pages of your life's journey...the journal of your life...here's to many more pages...EXPLORE...CREATE...ENJOY!

Have a honey of a night - sweet dreams to all! and to all a good night!

Grace Peace & Joy 2 "U"
Marlene :O)


  1. Hehee, Marlene, the title of your post made me a bit bug-eyed, but I understand what you are getting at!

    I love "happy mistakes" too, and, by the way, your journal is definitely NOT that--it is truly stunning--just beautiful use of color and image! LOVELY!

  2. You are doing so much!!--Swaps and journaling---good for you...we carry the bee creativity paper at our store and always think of you when I see it!!!!!

  3. Such a beautiful journal! Thanks for sharing, glad to know we can get the bee paper at Geralyn's store! Hugz, Z

  4. Your journal is fantastic. Your right you can't be afraid to make a mistake. Plus half the fun is figuring out how to fix it.

    On the hosta question...One of my fav's is sum and substance...but it's huge so my next recommentation is guacamole or a new one called avocado( but it's a little more expensive but worth it) You can look on line at www.qandznursery.com. Go to the catalog section and you can punch in any critterias you're looking for.
    Hope this helped!

  5. looks like youre being creative ! thats the way to be! or should I say.. thats the way to "bee"! (haha.. I just kill me sometimes!)
    anyways.. love your journal.
    Have a sweet day!

  6. Hi Marlene! What a fabulous blog you have!!! I have really enjoyed exploring it. Did you get a chance to hop over to my other blog Valentine Studio while you were visiting my cottage?? (there's a link to it on the right sidebar) There are so many wonderful links to all kinds of mixed media and paper artists. You might really enjoy exploring over there too! Let me know when it's okay for me to add your name to the party-go-ers list!!!


  7. What a pretty journal...My friend, Hope, told me today at the pool that ya'll are paired up together for the Bees Knees Swap and that I needed to come over and see your blog...It's beautiful! Can't wait to meet you @ Silver Bella and see what BEEutiful treasures you and Hope create for each other...

  8. It is beautiful, your work is like magic.

    Renee xoxo