Saturday, March 14, 2009

Let The Fun Begin - Part II of the "Carnival Soiree"

Did you hear?...the Carnival has arrived - sang the birds..."Oh" said Mr. Rabbit - "that is what all the stir is about in the forest, I must inform all the fairies - so that they might all see the wee things that happen in Carnival"- "look who I see but Mr. Peanut the Squirrel", "Mr. Peanut are you going to the Carnival" "Yes for sure" replied Mr. Peanut "I wouldn't miss it for the world....I'm rounding up all my secret stash of nuts and twigs so I can trade them in for Carnival Chips" "There are soooo many prizes we could win with our chips"...."gotta go - gotta go - can't be late, for this big date" See you there, and everyone left to go on their way.

Well the gang is starting to arrive - some of them took transportation by Miss Gracie's Swan's three of the group ready to leave the dock...I tell you for an old gal, that Miss Gracie, she is sure is fast, she's already reached the Carnival dock to let out her first group of passengers...ooohhh the excitement is in the air...the next group should be arriving soon....

Off in the distance we see the tiny village of "Colorville" - were the tiniest person lives by the name of Pinky....OMG! who do we see but Ms. Pinky herself...."Ms. Pinky!", we yell - "Don't forget that the carnival is in town, we're on our way there you need a ride"..."No thank you" she replied - "I'm waiting for Mrs. Cheez Wiz to arrive, and when she does we will get on the next Swan ride...Thank You for asking - see you there"

Here we are!...."Thank you Miss Grace for our ride - now we can go onto the festivities...Ms. Lisa has sooo much going on - I don't know which way to go ...but anyway we do decide to go, I sure there will be LOTS OF FUN" to be had.

In the distance we see one of the attractions....if it isn't Miss Gladys Tide and the Shell"ettes"...what a colorful bunch they are...boy, can they sing and dance....they too are as excited as we are to see the shows...

Let's venture inside to see what shows does the Carnival have for us to see.. and what's in store for all......we're stepping in now, once we get in we'll see if we can take we'll be back in a flash or two or maybe three....maybe its time - you should check out all the other blOZs that are participating in today's SPECTACULAR EVENT....
HAVE TONS OF FUN! Don't be late....


  1. yea!!!!!!!!!pictures!!!!!!!!!!!and all those carnival partiers in the last posts---so many guests already........yea! I love your profile picture---so you--so fun--so happy...I see you are enjoying all of the fun.....I have to visit with all of your many new blogs to check out. LOVED the picture of the swan in Asbury Park....that is how our family spent every Easter for years!!!!!!!!

  2. Thank you Ms. LadyBug Geralyn....I had a lot of fun doing it...I still have one more blog for tonight...thank you too I love the Swan(s) as you can see...what do you think of the Tent?? pretty funny isn't it

  3. See you at the carnival:)!!!

    Have you seen my friend, the clown, Mr.Auguste Unica???

  4. I think he might be in the tent---I can't see inside..............

  5. Hi Marlene, What a fun day that was enjoyed by all! Loved your photos. What a sweet blog. ~Nan

  6. Wonderful blog post.... wasn't the Carnival Soiree fun!! Mandy x